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Getting clear, committing and manifesting

“As you place more and more of your energy on what you intend to manifest you’ll start seeing those intentions materializing.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer One of things I’ve learned from Dr. Dyer and Gabrielle Bernstein is that we must get clear on what we want in order to grow and expand. Once you do the […]


Keep Calm & Say Your Mantras

Taking a few moments in silence to develop a personal mantra is so important – it can be as simple as “I am”, “I am peace”, “Om Shanti” (which means peace), or “Sat Nam” (which means truth). Mantras can be used anytime, especially if you are experiencing anxiety, fear, or stress. There has been research […]

Find Your Drishti

Drishti, or focal point, literally means focusing your gaze on a non-moving object. This gives you the stability in your poses and helps your mind sustain mental focus. Directing your vision to a single point prevents you from wavering or moving. Drishti is an essential tool for finding balance and instills a deeper practice. Keeping […]

Getting Unstuck

If you’re feeling stuck, try this: get clear on what you want. Cancel out the noise and truly tune into your inner world. What makes you happy? When do you feel the most fulfilled? Who do you feel best around? Most importantly, get clear on your values. When you know your values, you can act […]

Self Love

Self love is about taking initiative of your life, honestly asking yourself: Does this serve me? What can I do to change it if it doesn’t? Then, it’s about committing to yourself, and actively incorporating that change on a daily basis. It’s a balance between being kind to yourself when you need it but also […]