Let’s talk about… Fear.

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So what I’ve done to work through my fears is reading a lot of books. For those that know me I do love to read, but reading has been more than just picking up a book. It’s really taking the information and applying it into your life, and that’s what I’ve learned so much from Dr. Wayne Dyer, from Gabrielle Bernstein, from Debbie Ford. And it’s making a conscious choice. One of the lessons I love that I’ve learned from Gabby Bernstein is you can choose love, or you can choose fear, at any time. And it’s a choice, and being conscious of those choices. And when you start to move away fear, then you start to feel better because fear is energy. Fear is just like anything else, like when we eat something and we’re not feeling good, it’s the same thing. If there’s something that you continue to feel in your intuition and your core, but you continue to feed that, and you know it’s not a healthy thought, that affects us.

If you struggle with fear, please check out the books I recommend below.

Mary Ann