I am so honored to share these students’ personal accounts of how yoga has benefited and transformed their lives. I hope you find inspiration and encouragement in them!

Mary Ann

Since I began taking Mary Ann’s Monday night Vinyasa class my life has transformed in ways I never imagined. I’ve been physically active for years, in which I have played numerous sports growing up and began weight lifting at the age of 16. While I may have been active, my flexibility and core strength always struggled. Through just six months of yoga I have improved in every facet of my life. My dexterity has drastically improved as a result of the practice and Mary Ann’s guidance has exhilarated my growth. I am blessed to have met Mary Ann. Her teaching style is one of gratitude and acceptance. She encourages the use of props and modifications that allow her students to organically grow into the position.

At first, I only took Mary Ann’s 90-minute Vinyasa class. Now I practice six to nine hours a week and meet with Mary Ann once a week before class to further my practice. I am blessed. Mary Ann’s ability to pinpoint and correct my faults in poses has helped me on and off the mat. She provided me with exercises I could perform at home in order to increase the activity in my hips, one of my many areas in which I hold a lot of tension in. Yoga has transformed my everyday life and I have Mary Ann to thank for that.

- Ross

I had the privilege of working with Mary Ann one-on-one to deepen my yoga practice as well as work on alignment and pranayama. I have incredibly tight shoulders and felt this was always a hinderance in my yoga practice. Mary Ann completely changed my outlook of getting on the mat. Her guidance and knowledge of modifying the poses for your body as well as incorporating the breath into each pose has brought my practice to a whole new level. I always felt you weren’t “good” if you used props or modifications. Checking my ego at the door and becoming best friends with yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters has opened my shoulders beyond where I ever thought possible. Prior to our sessions I was actually practicing yoga and putting more stress on my shoulders instead of alleviating the stress which is one of the reasons we all do yoga! The journey of yoga is personal so your practice should be too. Mary Ann taught me that and so much more. I truly now feel the mind body connection thanks to Mary Ann’s guidance. I am forever grateful!

- Ryan O’Connor

Mary Ann is a genuine, thoughtful, and knowledgeable teacher whose guidance has brightened my path both on and off the mat.

Her group and individual instruction possess a flowing progression that guides her students on a physical and spiritual journey. She weaves in corrections mindfully in a way that focuses her students’ attention on their foundation and stance. One can expect class with Mary Ann to start with a spiritual component or yoga mantra which encourages her students to reflect.

The most meaningful mantras Mary Ann taught me were Santosha and Satya. Santosha embraces the notion of accepting where and who we are in the present. Originally the concept was difficult to grasp because society tells us to work harder. My years as a dancer had taught me that no pose, movement, or position is ever perfect and can always be improved. Mary Ann taught me that Santosha it isn’t about being perfect… it is to accept yourself AS IS, imperfections and all. As I continue to embrace my yoga studies, I realize its lessons apply more and more into my life outside of the studio. Our second mantra and theme is Satya, the promise to speak truth. Mary Ann has a beautiful way of imparting wisdom while remaining humble. Her teaching style is to speak her Satya, her purest and most genuine truth.

I love the way Mary Ann begins and ends the class; creating a sense of calm. First, we put prayer hands on the third eye purposefully to think kind, positive words to ourselves. Next, we put our prayer hands to lips reminding each of us to always speak our truth (Satya). Lastly, we put our prayer hands to our heart to radiate love and self-love into the world.

Her suggestions and advice remain with me throughout the week and have elevated my life. She has encouraged me to meditate as well as to “drop the ego and pick up a block” to improve my practice. She is extremely aware of her students during class. She took the time to notice that I was gripping and slipping on my mat and recommended a specific mat for my practice. After making that simple change, I was no longer gripping and could more easily focus on the poses. Mary Ann’s teaching has helped me achieve proper alignment whether in chair pose or Samasthiti.

My greatest accomplishment during our sessions was the perfection of my Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), the foundation of Vinyasa Yoga. I had taken yoga class for years and was still performing a sun salutation incorrectly, simply because it was never properly broken down and explained. I am forever grateful for working with Mary Ann because I now I know each intricate part of it from properly aligning the head and arms to the correct timing of my breath.

I began working with Mary Ann with one goal in mind: to lose weight. Although I am grateful to I have healthily lost over 20 pounds, I have achieved so much more. I feel grounded, positive, energetic, and at peace. I have gained a new perspective and the yoga breathing has positively impacted my ability to reduce stress in my life off the mat. Setting intentions and focusing on the present has transformed my work ethic and personal relationships. I have found so much more than a teacher with Mary Ann, I consider her a mentor and an inspiration for the way I want to live my life.

- Adriana Krellin
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