My Thanksgiving Wish for You

I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving. Whether you’re traveling or you’re here locally, remember that breathing is going to help us always through this time of the year. It’s a busy time with traveling, getting together with family, and really enjoying every moment. Remember that it’s a time of the year to count our blessings, we have so much to be grateful for, and just being in gratitude. Something that I restarted this week is writing in my gratitude journal. Something shifts when we write down every little thing that we are grateful for. So just enjoy, and… breathe. Breathing will help you stay centered and grounded. Keep your rituals that you have every day, even if you’re traveling, sit down and meditate for five minutes.

I love this week. So many of you shared with me, “You know what, I finally am starting to meditate!” And I love it because that’s the journey. You know, we continue to evolve, we continue to make choices to help our mind and body. Don’t stress over the little things, they’re just little things. And remember that everyone deserves so much love and kindness, and everyone has a story that they’re going through. So be kind, spread love, and don’t forget to breathe through this holiday season.

I love you guys! Have the most amazing amazing Thanksgiving! I pray for each of you to have so many blessings at your table, and so much love.

Namaste, peace out.

Mary Ann