Gentle Reminder: Take care of yourself

Hey guys, happy Wednesday and welcome back to #WednesdayWisdom. So, I first want to thank you so much for your feedback regarding the website! I was so overwhelmed by all the comments, all the emails. And I wanted to let you know that we did add the Spotify account, so if you go on the home page can you scroll all the way down and it will direct you right into the Spotify account.

Enjoy this time of the year and make sure that you practice, that you take care of yourself, and don’t try to do everything in the next few weeks… or I think it’s about a week and a half before 2020. Have some compassion, be gentle, notice what energy you take in, notice how you set your intention, and notice your thoughts throughout the day.

A book I highly recommend is “Super Attractor.” And it doesn’t mean, “Oh my gosh, I don’t have time to read right now!” But if you can, just take one chapter and just practice that throughout the day. Or you can get the audio. But take care of yourself.

Our thoughts are everything, and it can be very overwhelming because we have so much to do, and we have our family. The first thing is to take care of what is happening for you, so that way you can show up authentic. You can show up where you feel really good instead of feeling depleted. Stay mindful, and breathe.

I love you guys. Enjoy this beautiful magical time of the year!

Namaste, peace out.